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Oopsie Achoo

I was down to decreasing the toes of my latest pair of socks when I encountered a problem. Two dropped stitches, just hanging there, slowly working their way farther and farther down. Well, once you realize you've dropped stitches, you just stop and pick them up, right?

Perhaps I could've done it if I had noticed as soon as I had dropped them. My excuse is that I've been fighting off a cold (yeah, I've been wrestling pretty constantly with colds since Thanksgiving. It never seems to end.) In decreasing my toes, I've pulled the corners where the DPN's meet nice and tight, to avoid ladders. And of course, that's where the two stitches were dropped. Could I have dropped a SSK? Or two? It must've happened that way. And though I tried, there was no way to bring them back up without a weird bump.

So I pulled it out, back to just before the toe decreases. I guess that's what you get for knitting in a hurry. See, I wanted to finish these socks, and then take a little nap. So I ripped, got the stitches back on the needles in approximately the correct way, and then took my nap. For about 11 and a half hours. See, I told you I was fighting something!

I saw a knitter on the subway this morning. In fact, she sat in the seat right next to me, with her pink knitting. I almost asked her if it was Christmas knitting, to sort of see if she wanted to talk knitting. But I chickened out. I imagined telling her my woes of dropped stitches and ripping out when almost done with the toes of a top-down sock, but . . . my stop was the next stop, and my knitting was shoved deep in my canvas bag, and I worried a little she'd think I was nuts. (Probably true.)

I'm sure she'd have been very nice. But I am a Fraidy Bear.


Chandra said...

I hate dropped stitches.

Mom said...

Love your blog. I'll try to send the link to Dad.

Next time, say something you might make a new friend. Plus she is probably use to people making comments to her about her knitting.

I'm trying to decide on my next knitting project. Of course, I still have two or three that I need to finish. One is a cream colour sweater made in the fan and feather design: body and sleeves. I'm down to doing the shoulder cap decrease, but just can't seem to get motivated to finish it. Then I have this wonderful yarn to make a pair of socks with but haven't started them yet.

In addition to my knitting, I need to finish Sitella's afghan. You remember her don't you? It' in red of course. The yarn is the Caron simply soft. It is really nice yarn to make an afghan with.

I may try to do some sewing next week while I'm on Christmas break. I have the material for two blouses and a jacket. I pretty sure I could get one of them done. Plus I thinking about starting my Christmas project really early. I was a bit stressed trying to get them all done before they were due this year. If I embroider some generic items like coaster it won't matter who I decided to give them to later.

What I really need is more than 24 hours in the day. Oh I also went to Another Look Bookstore. Came home with two bags of books. I managed to read about 6 or 7 over the weekend but hope to get a few more over the Christmas break. Maybe my Christmas break needs to be longer than just one week. What do you think? ! ? !

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