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Pumpkins Everywhere

Another one of my favorite things about fall is the pumpkins! I love pumpkin everything, and fall is a great time to find pumpkin flavors added to every treat you can think of. This is my morning cup of coffee, in one of my two special Halloween mugs. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice is one of my favorite pumpkin flavored coffees. And of course, my current sock in progress. This one is a gift, but the recipient doesn't know about it yet. (Sorry, Pete, it's not for you!)

Pumpkin and other spice-filled scented candles are a lot of fun, and really get me in the mood to enjoy the overcast days and cool breezes. Maybe in a day or two, I can share my stash of candles with you.

I've noticed that the florists, farm stands and craft stores have started putting out pumpkin displays -- though the latter are usually made of of fake pumpkins. I still don't have a front porch to put a Jack-o-lantern on, so I will have to continue the tradition of admiring the displays at the Pumpkin Festival in Keene. We've gone so many years now, only missing occasionally. We even go in the rain, though I don't think we stay as long.

Buying a condo that doesn't have a yard was probably the best decision for us, but it does make me a little sad that I don't have an excuse to buy mums. I love how bright they stay, long into the season.

From the sounds coming from my kitchen, I think a pumpkin pie may be in my future!

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