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Effy Wild is doing a month of blogging. I always mean to blog more, but don’t.

Usually, I try to come up with blog posts that I think will be “interesting” instead of being my real, authentic self. I feel like I am trying to put a glossy magazine image of my life together, and, honestly, my life is not like that.

But that doesn’t mean my life isn’t worth blogging about. So, I am going to try to follow along. There might not be beautiful pictures every day. Things might even get dreary once in a while. But, since I think the only person who even reads this blog is my sister (Hi, sis!) I’m just going to put whatever I come up with that day on the blog. We’ll see how it goes.

And just after I wrote that, I read about Effy and the “Always Be Magical and Awesome.” Hehe. I feel like I’m having a conversation with you, Effy.

I was reading on Effy’s blog about how no one would want to photographer her studio for “Where Women Create.” I love that magazine, and I love most of Stampington’s lineup. But there is a certain sameness to every issue I find a bit irritating.

Effy’s studio is actually the one I want to see. I don’t want to see perfect clear spaces, all the paints in a box, the brushes pristine and in a gilded antique. I want to see teaming piles of papers and books about to topple over. I want to see a desk two feet deep in supplies and detritus. I want to see beautiful chairs you can’t even get a good look at because the artist has done what I always do: put all the crap that’s too delicate, valuable or inconvenient to just put on the floor. And then I want to see their cat perched on top of it anyway, like my cat does.

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