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Knitting keeps me sane

Last night, the new a/c James had his heart set on was installed. Thankfully, without any real help on my part. We coerced a friend to come over and help. I made dinner for her, and afterwards we took her out for ice cream. It took MUCH longer than expected to install.

I think James was also glad not to have to rely on me for help. I tend to get all panicky when installing things goes awry. I want to be done ten minutes ago, and I hate trying to figure out diagrams.

Not only was I glad that I didn't have to help carry the excruciatingly heavy unit, but I was spared all the worry of having to deal with James losing the screwdriver/ instructions/ screws/ foamy insullation bits over and over and over. A drill bit broke off in the wood. I kept knitting. A screw was lost (possibly out the window -- that was my theory.) I kept knitting.

I know for a fact that they broke something when they popped the face on. I just kept knitting. I offered no opinions except to make screw jokes. (He he he.) I also fetched water, and helped to look for the missing foamy insullation bits. (It was under the instructions. Go figure.)

I did about a good two inches of knitting -- stress makes the needles fly! And I'm happy to report that I am very pleased with the new a/c. I was not in favor of buying it, but it is actually quieter than the old one. I don't know how that's possible, since its so much bigger, but I like it. It also cools very well. The room dropped several degrees in what seemed like minutes!

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