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Stitching on the bib

I e-mailed some of my co-workers at the old job a day or two ago, just to say hi. It reminded me that I still haven't fnished the bib I started for one of them who told me she was expecting just before I left for my new job. Mostly, I haven't finished it because I haven't even picked it up in about three weeks.

This seemed kind of shoddy to me, so last night I stitched until I was sick of it. I'm not sure why, but I have noticed a strange trend in myself as regards working on baby items. I start them with so much enthusiasm, but at about the halfway point, I'm sick of them, and wish very much never to see them again. Is it just the pastel colors? Or is it the thought that this particular pattern has more backstitch than I have ever seen on a single project that's got me down?

I have very nearly finished the cross-stitch portion, but the backstitch is going to kill me. I thought about trying to make myself finish it up this weekend so I could get it to her on Monday, but I don't really want to ruin a perfectly good weekend with that much guilt and craziness. I will make myself work on it some, but not the whole weekend.

The last update picture I took of the bib didn't turn out well at all, so maybe I'll wait until I've actually got some backstitch done to take another picture.

The socks for my SIL are coming along quite nicely. I can easily finish sock A this weekend. I'm using Sockotta on #2 needles, and I'm just a little concerned about the tightness of the ankles. I know Sockotta has cotton blended with the wool, but it isn't quite as stretchy as I had thought. I think it will be okay, but I'm going to have to test it out. My SIL is much thinner than myself, so for my own socks I may need to go up to #3 , or cast on more stitches.

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