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Sock Miscalculation

I'm not entirely sure how it happened. But I badly miscalculated on my SIL's sock. I did a swatch, checked my gage, and yet when I tested out the sock, it was child-size. Nothing for it but to rip it out. I was a few rows from starting the toe decrease. My own fault for being so optimistic, and not testing it out sooner, I guess.

So, frustrated with the pink Sockotta, I started on a sock for myself. (I am actually next in my little rotation, but the Sockotta told me it was for my SIL, and I'm not one to argue when yarn starts whispering to me.)

The black and orange looks kind of cool. I think of them as my Halloween socks. They look really toasty and warm, and I keep pausing to rub my fingers in it and twitch my toes with anticipation.

I have made considerable progress with the obligation stitching on the baby bib. There is some more backstitch in dark green called for on the legs and around the pink flowers, but I'm seriously considering skipping it. There should be a little bee on the elephant's left, and I've decided to leave that off, too. In fact, if I ironed it, I could give it to her as is. Very tempting to get it out the door.

The leftover threads are a snarl nightmare. I'm usually much more careful with leftover thread. I blame the cat. Hey, he can't say he didn't do it. I saw those guilty little paws.

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