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The E-Bay Wait

I've been waiting on some Opal yarn I bought on E-bay to arrive. I'm starting to get a bit anxious, because supposedly the woman mailed it out exactly one week ago today. It was nice of her to send me an e-mail to tell me its in the mail -- not everyone does that -- but how long does it take to get through the mail?

It also seems like I haven't gotten a cross stitch magazine in a long time. But that's probably just my lack of patience. No matter how many I get, I always seem to want more.

I've promised my sister that I will go through and look at patterns for her. She wants to do a gift for a friend. I have so many I could give her, I've got to narrow it down to what I think she's most likely to want to stitch.

I've also got two pairs of socks finished that I haven't photographed yet, and sock A on a third pair done! I have been knitting crazy lately. Not really as much cross-stitch progress.

Not having my Opal in hand makes me want to go out and buy yarn, but as the Opal wasn't cheap (and as I went shopping this weekend, buying wonderful tub bubble stuff) I can't really afford it. The craving would be satified (for a minute) if only my e-Bay yarn would arrive! Whine!

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