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This morning as I was getting ready for work, Milo started doing that cat thing where he stares maniaclly at my head. This time, there really was something behind me; a spider scuttled up the wall and on to the ceiling. shudder. I hate spiders. Milo jumped up on the chair, and then the couch, and then the chair . . .

The spider stayed up on the ceiling. I told him, "Maybe if you meow at it, the spider will come down where you can catch it." Usually Milo ignores me when I talk to him, but today he took this suggestions seriously. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, etc. and he stayed in the livingroom the whole time, meowing pathetically. It was like he was demanding the spider to come down from the ceiling. I checked back later, but there was no sign of the spider anywhere, and Milo was still hopping up and down from furniture.

Cats are so weird.

Recently, Milo has discovered that water actually comes out of the faucets in the bathroom. He's lived with us for four years now, and was a year old when we adopted him, but this is a new revelation for him. For the past week, any time I've been in the bathroom, he hops up on the sink and waits for me to turn the water on. For him, not for myself; he prefers a thin dribble of water.

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