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Hot, Too Hot for Shoes

Its been hot, and I've been tired. It seems like I haven't been kntting very much. I'm still knitting the giant sock. Haven't made much progress yet. It seems like I should be starting the toes soon; I measured, and still had over 2 inches of foot to go. How did that happen?

Just for amusement, I'd like to mention that I've ordered a pair of shoes from To my dismay, their free shipping is by way of UPS. And UPS does not deliver to my area.

No, not because I live in a remote, rural location. I actually live about 4 miles from downtown Boston. Yet of the last, say, six pacakges I've had the misfortune to be sent via UPS, I haven't actually had any of them delivered.

Had a couple stolen -- and though I have no proof, I am convinced it was stolen by the driver, not someone in the building -- had to go pick up a couple in person, had one get sent back to the shipper and then go through the hassel of trying to have it re-sent, preferably by USPS. (Now, USPS, I never have any problems with delivery. Works like a charm.)

The first notice that the package of shoes was in my area came on 7/28. Here it is, 8/2, still no shoes. (Okay, I wore shoes to work today, its too hot not to, plus I don't want to think about walking through the T without shoes because it grosses me out. But not the shoes I wanted to wear.)

Having exhausted all efforts with UPS, (my husband, life-saver that he is, called and was on the phone with them almost all evening yesterday, and even talked to 2 supervisors) the only thing I could think was a nasty note to Zappos. I'm guessing they aren't going to reply to it, but who knows. All I can say is, I won't use them again.

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Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Ooooh... bummer about the shoes. :( Sounds like it's a UPS problem, not a Zappos problem, though. I hope you're able to get it resolved.

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