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Who was that bear who came in here growling last time? My goodness, I must've been in a bad mood without realizing it! I'm more calm now, I promise!

I am down to the toe of my sister's funky sock; I hope to finish it today.

The weather has been wonderfully fall-like. I just love fall; I think it might be my favorite season. Crisp weather just gets me in the mood to cross-stitch. I've been going through my patterns, and I'm itching to start a nice Halloween design. However, I've been making some really good progress on Dragon's Tea, and I'd like to finish it before I start something new.

Will my good intentions hold out? We shall see . . .

I am contemplating the Vermont fiber festival. Its further away than I realized at first. My sister said that if I go, she wants a drop spindle. I'm not sure if she was kidding or not. If I do go, I will price them for her. She does have a birthday coming up!

I put in a good hour of stitching on Dragon's Tea after work last night. I've worked on it more this week than I have in a long time. I'm not really good at estimating how long it will take to finish a cross-stitch project (mostly because my available stitching time is so hard to predict) but I feel like I might be at about the half-way point. I've probably said that before.

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