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Gilette Castle

Its only taken me a week, but here are a couple of pictures from our trip of last weekend. This weekend, I had an apartment warming (no photos) a special dinner out with my husband, and . . . Boston Knit Out 2006. More on the Knit Out later.

William Gillette (no relation to the razor people at all, aparently) was a famous actor of the 20's and 30's who brought Sherlock Holmes to the stage. His wife died tragically young, and the couple had no children. He built an elaborate castle not far from Essex, Conneticut, overlooking the river. He owned 15 cats. Apparently, one of his favorite parlor games was to invite a bunch of guests over to his castle, tell them to help themselves to the liquor cabnet, then go upstairs. From a strategically placed mirror in the main hall, he would then watch the frustrated guests struggle to open the trick door to the liquor cabinet.

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Chandra said...

Mr. Gilette had way to much time on his hands. He should have been using that time to invint razors instead of the other Gilettes.

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