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As I have been promising to several different people, here is the material for the summer dress I hope to beginning sewing. I'm going to get started on it, any day now.

Though this sock is in progress in the photo, there hasn't really been any sun since I took this shot for an update. The pair is completed now, trust me. I think I'll wear them tomorrow. They turned out just a tad big. Mad Cow socks, modified by my complete and utter lack to understand how to do a short row heel. That's right, those stripes are my own, not self striping!

Here we have some cross-stitch. I started Little Greenie almost a year ago. I did all the stitching, including the dreaded fractionals. But the backstitching was just too much, so he languished. For almost an entire year. He's done now, but I've only got the front flaps sewn for the tuck pillow I intend for him to become. Will it be another year before he is finished? I very much hope not.

Yeah, some more cross-stitch. (Remember, this blog was started as a cross-stitcher's blog! I just got side-tracked with all this sock knitting.) The fabric on the side is the fabric I want to use for the back, to turn him into a tiny pillow, of the sort you might hang on a doorknob. Yeah, I haven't sewn that yet, either. The details of the stitching are a bit clearer in person. I also changed around the colors of the flames around the dragon's head.

This is a freebie from Dragon Dreams. Has anyone noticed I love that designer?

Lastly here is a blue sock. Cherry Tree Hill in River Run, using the Blueberry Waffle pattern. Sock A is now finished, and I've just begun Sock B.

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Rycrafty said...

Little Greenie is so cute! Where did you get the pattern?
I really need to finish the cross-stitch I've had languishing for almost 10 years now. *blush*

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