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Out of Control.

Saturday morning I woke up in the pre-dawn hours from a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that all my unfinished knitting projects had turned into a monster and was devouring me. I woke up to the cat sitting on my leg, nibbling on my toes. In his defense, I think he was using me as a teething ring because he had to have a tooth pulled the previous Wednesday, and the stitches they put in his mouth were probably itching him.

Really, its my own fault for letting my knitting get out of control. I was complaining about how I've got five different socks started, and if I didn't watch it, I was going to be drafted into the Single Sock liberation movement. Then James started tallying them up, and I realized that I don't in fact have five different socks started. I have six!

That's absurd. How could I possibly have started six different socks without finishing any of them? No wonder I don't have any FOs to post!

I've always felt a bit smug for never having suffered Second Sock Syndrome before. I don't think I can say that now. Especially since I've discovered I've still got another set of DPN's, which means . . .

I could cast on another sock, if I wanted to.

P.S. Milo is fine. He's getting antibiotics for another couple of days, and they make him very drowsy, but the vet says he's not likely in any more pain from having the tooth pulled as he was suffering from having it loose in his mouth. Poor baby.

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