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The Frogs Are Here

Well. Its been a bit quite lately, hmm? My weekends have been a bit hectic, which is bad, because that's when I usually try to get my pictures up.

But, there really isn't much knitting to take pictures of. I have been knitting, yes. But, most everything I've been knitting lately has gotten rippppped out. Sigh. I started a tank in a nice, summery linen blend. I did a swatch, and cast on. But after knitting the ribbing and about an inch after that, I realized that I was, in fact, not getting gauge. Not by about four inches. I don't need a summer top that baggy! Maybe this weekend I will cast on again; I've wrestled with my math (okay, I lie: James wrestled the math for me, while I confused him with random numbers) so I should be closer to my measurements now.

I have offered to knit a pair of socks for a co-worker of mine, and she said she would really like some with fish on them, because she's into fly fishing. So, I designed the fish on knitting graph paper, and jumped right in. However, this was my first attempt at stranded knitting. I twisted the carried yarn, so I didn't end up with gaps.

What I did end up with was a sock no adult could possibly pull over their foot. I am apparently pulling my twists too tightly. I tried ripping back, got hopelessly tangled, and took the scissors to it. That'll teach that knitting a lesson.

Never fear, I am trying again. I've already cast on for the new cuff. I think I may go and pick up a small skein of something solid colored to use for the background of the fish, because what I used on draft number one wasn't really thrilling me. Any excuse to get to the LYS and get some yarn that will behave. (Cause all these problems are the fault of the yarn, not me!)

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