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The bib is gone

And I think it was a big hit. I finished the green backstitch on it last night, stopped at CVS on my way to work for some gift wrap, and dropped it off this afternoon. The pastel just doesn't photograph that well, and it didn't look much different with the green than without. So, no picture update.

She found out just a couple days ago that she's having a girl. She said she was glad it wasn't pink, but when I started a month ago, I had no idea what it would be. Hence the green and yellow pastels.

While I was visiting, another woman I used to work with told me her adoption of a little 2 mo. old boy just went through. She's been in the process since I started working there, back in August of last year. I wanted to tell her I would make something for her, too, but she's already got him home, and there's no way I can whip something up that quickly.

The kit from the first bib has a second, but I'm convinced that there's not enough thread for the second bib. The pattern for the second bib is far more complicated, too, which is why I didn't choose it in the first place. I could put a different pattern on the second bib, but . . . it seems like a lot of effort right now. Not that I'm not just as fond of the second woman as the one dropped the bib off to. But there has to be some kind of limit with baby stuff, right?

I thought about knitting a little hat, like the Yarn Harlot or Subway Knitter, but its summertime. Does a 2 mo. old need a hat in July? 'Cause I doubt I could get it done before then.

Augh! I have craft guilt. How crazy is that. I don't even work there anymore!

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