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SBQ: How Many Cross-Stitch Books?

This week's Stitching Bloggers Questions is: How many cross-stitch books do you own and do you use them?

I have tons of cross-stitch books. Probably more pattern books than any other kind of crafting book. I do not stitch from them very often, I must admit. What I do find myself doing, particularly when I lack inspiration, or get tired of a project, is page through them. I love being inspired by the books, finding pretty things I'd like to stitch "someday," and it usually gets my enthusiasm started when I am down.

I also usually pick my books up fairly cheaply used. I've only bought one or two at full price. The only flaw to this plan is storing lots of pattern books! I can't imagine parting with a single one, though I suppose some day I will have to cull the herd.

I don't have much else to add today. I've got a terrible sore throat, and I'm seriously thinking of going home sick. Fortunately, today has been pretty quiet. If the phone stays silent, I might make it. Talking is terrible. I can't even finish my coffee because it hurts to swallow, and I really need it because I feel so tired. Must be coming down with something.

Which always stinks, but my birthday is Saturday, and being sick on your birthday is Not Fair!

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Anonymous said...

i have a question, i love cross stitching. i just started this hobby not too long ago, where did you purchase those cross stitch books? it would be neat if you can share some advices and tips with email is

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