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Dragon Mistakes

I did end up going over to craft with my friends on Saturday. This whole weekend was a bit of errand-running and work around the house, so I feel like I didn't get enough of lying around in a heap.

We went to Wrentham to the outlet mall. I found a wonderful rain jacket at London Fog for a very nice discount. I need a nice rain jacket, as it seems it is never going to stop raining. Now all I need are a pair of rainboots!

After the outlet mall, I went crafting with my friends. They worked on scrapbooking, and I worked on my cross-stitch. I discovered a mistake in Dragon's Tea. I'm at the part where I've started the second page, or the right hand side of the project. I just started at the dragon's back, and I was off one stitch.

I realized my mistake after I put in three or four rows. I thought, its just one stitch. I can fudge it and it will be all right. So I continued working on the dragon's spine. Then, when it came to working down, I realized there would be no way to keep fudging it without throwing everything below off. So . . . out came about a week's worth of work. Mostly just because it had been a slow stitching week, with only a couple hours time invested. But still! It represents a whole week.

I ripped it all out, and almost got it all put in again, correctly. I do hope, anyway.

Sunday I started painting the sewing table James gave me for my birthday. The store we got it from took the legs of, cut it down to 34 inches, and put the legs back on. They did neglect to sand down the cut edge, however. So I think I'll have to do that before I can declare it to be done. It is far from done, actually. I only got the first coat of red paint on. (I was going to do before and after pictures, but I was so excited to start, I forgot to actually take the before!) I haven't even done the drawer fronts or legs yet. It will likely take me a couple weeks, since I'm too tired to work on something this strenuous when I get home from work.

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