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SBQ: Magnifying Glass

This week's Stitching Blogger's Question is, have you ever used a magnifying glass? Nope.

I don't really need to use a magnifying glass, because I have really only worked on 14 - 18 ct. Aida. I still haven't gotten up the nerve to try a project on linen or evenweave.

Well, not entirely true. I did buy some linen with the thought that I might stitch my Dragon's Tea on it. But after a few stressful minutes of trying to figure out where to start, and why everything looked funny, and how many holes am I supposed to move over, I gave up. Not forever, just not for my beloved dragon. I think it would be better to start with something very smal. Like perhaps a needlebook. I've been meaning to make myself a needlebook for quite a while. I have the felt for the insert, but I haven't settled on a degisn yet.

Stitching on Dragon's Tea makes me very happy, even when I'm kind of bummed out about work (yesterday was quieter, and I'm desperatly hoping I can hide in plain sight and make it through without any catastrophes today.) And I just love it on the purple Aida.

I don't really enjoy working on 16 and 18 count. I grant that for certain projects, such as ornaments, it is necessary, but I don't have to like it.

I make go to a crafting afternoon at a friend's house tomorrow. Have to wait and see. I have some errands to run, and this has been such a hellish week, I figure I may just want to lie around in a heap. But then after I'm done with that, I'll probably want to craft. And if you're going to craft, you may as well do it with friends.

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