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Patterns on the brain

Thanks for the comment, sock pal! You made my morning.

The really nice thing about the beginning of the month is all my magazines come in. I've received all three of the cross-stitch magazines I subscribe to. I don't subscribe to knitting magazines, because I feel like most patterns are too difficult for me, and I start to feel overwhelmed. Besides, I'm kind of happy in my sock rut.

But something about seeing all the potential stitchy projects out there just makes my creative juices flow. I'm working on just one large cross-stitch project right now, though I've been toying with the idea of starting something small and portable.

I've been giving a lot of thought to the pattern I should use for my own sock pal. I'm not exactly a beginning sock knitter; I've completed nearly thirty pair of socks, at a guess. But I've never tried anything very challenging. Basically, if I encounter a YO in the instructions, I scurry away.

Many of those socks have been plain stockinette (its absurd how happy plain stockinette makes guys who know nothing about knitting.) Many more have been a simple 2x2 ribbing. That's sort of my standard when I'm unsure I have enough detail about foot size/ circumference to make a really good fit. 2x2 ribbing all down the sock, every other row a knit, makes a sock that can accomodate most feet, as long as your in the ballpark about foot length.

But for my pal, I want something nicer, a little more special. I found the pattern for Charades. And I like the look. But is it special enough? This weekend, I hope to sit down with my sock books, particularly MSKS, and see if anything strikes my fancy more.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of special likes, two questions regarding *your* potential special socks:
1) pattern: lace, cables, or primarily stockinette (with a little special something thrown in)?
2) yarn: variegated or semi-solid?

If you have no preference, I'll choose, but I want to make you something you will love, too! Just leave a comment to yourself and I'll check back.

Have a great day!

Panda said...

You are so considerate, sock pal! I've never been brave enough to try lace, but I love it. My first choice would be variegated, but I certainly leave it to your discretion if you think semi-solid would work better for the pattern you choose.

alltangledup said...

these exchanges are really wonderful at getting us all to try different techniques. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with stocking stitch socks. I've done plenty of exchanges with experienced sock knitters and every pair that I got back has been stocking stitch and they are all gorgeous, and worn with pride.

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